Friday, 24 June 2011

New Illustrations

I was shocked out of my tree this week, to see how the price of fabric, in one of my favourite shops, had increased. An extra £2 a metre, crikey!!! I still bought it though, because I love fabric backgrounds, I love a bit of texture. I think it is because sometimes, when I try to illustrate, I over think it. I try to put too much in, and I can be pretty messy, so if I put too much in, it can all get a little crazy. Fabric gives me something solid to work on, I guess a bit like painting a wash. It keeps me focused on keeping it simple, and to the point.

My fabric, that cost a little more than anticipated, arrived super quickly, so all was forgiven.

As you can see, I created a couple of new zombie illustrations, another bear, and this time, a mouse! I have put the mouse in clogs (I love the word clog!). I have had 'that' song circling my head for about 2 weeks, and I thought an illustration might get it out of my system. It has helped, things are a bit quieter up there now.

"Going clip - clippity - clo ..." Noooo!

Word of caution, if you decide you want to make windmill sails from cocktail sticks - don't. It is fiddly and annoying, and it will make you say words, that would make your mother blush :)

Both these illustrations are now available as prints on society6.

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