Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hello 30s - Day 254 - 263

This last week has felt pretty long, it has been one of those week's where not a lot happens, and before you know it, you have spent far to long sitting at the computer. There are more plans for the week coming up, there will be less time on the computer - hurrah!

Day 254:One of those days where I had spent too long on the computer. I felt completely zoned out, then I remembered the chocolate bar in the fridge, that I was supposed to have eaten at the weekend... but hadn't ... who knows why. What is comes down to, is that strawberry milk, and big chunks of chocolate, can make a bit of a 'blah' day into a 'hurrah' day!

Day 255:
I had got it into my head that I was near the end of my book, so I grabbed a cup of tea, and kicked back on the settee for the evening ... it turned out to be all evening, I literally didn't move, or have any concept of time, until boyfriend came down to see why I wasn't coming to bed. It was a very enjoyable evening though :)

Day 256:
Boyfriend went all rustic on me. He does love chopping things up, and leaving them on the board. This must look quite healthy, but don't be fooled, there was quiche and chicken thighs too!

Day 257:
Friday night is television and treats night :) I did share the brownies, but warned boyfriend beforehand that the Bueno was all mine. In fact I did later offer him some, but he declined - oh well :)

Day 258:
I had been creating some bits and pieces for my Ma, and she had wanted me to charge her for it. I told her I wasn't charging her, she is my mum darn it! Instead, she sent me a card and treat in the post, what a lovely surprise, I have an awesome mum :)

Day 259:
Yes. It is a bottle of burger sauce. It may seem a bit dull. It isn't. This is brilliant news, I haven't been to other supermarkets, so I wouldn't know, but Sainsburys now have burger sauce. I love those outdoor burger vans, that you are always a little bit dubious of, because you know there is a chance, that they could kill you. The smell always draws you in, I love the greasy onions, and I love that one thing, that all the other burgers, everywhere else seem to lack ... that great big bottle of orange/yellow burger sauce. We had burgers, we even fried up some onions, we used the burger sauce, it was so lovely and yummy, it didn't occur to me to take a photo, I was too distracted. I had no yummy burgers to show you, so you have a bottle of sauce instead.

Day 260:Often, when I am returning home from somewhere, I am followed. Next door's cat is always lurking in a hedge nearby. Sometimes, he sweeps around my legs, before I am even through the door myself. This is normally met with a bit of a telling off. On this occasion, he behaved, he waited until I had asked him to follow me in. Honestly manners don't cost anything!

Day 261:
That there is a little drawing of a mouse. A mouse with clogs on, in fact. That song has been running around my head for about three days now. Drawing a mouse in clogs did not help get rid of the song, as I had hoped. That is also one of my favourite pencils. I draw a lot of lines, so one of those pencils, that you put the lead into, is ideal. It is pretty, and it doesn't need sharpening, if a lead breaks, I'm not stuck with a rubbish pencil that keeps breaking, I just pop a new lead in - genius really!

Day 262:
More sketching, this time on tracing paper. Drawings and sketches travel from my little pad, to either my scanner, or tracing paper, for further development. I love tracing paper, that is all :)

Day 263:I have new swishy hair! This is a big deal, my hair was really long, it hadn't been cut in a very long time, largely down to lack of pennies and forgetfulness. Now it is much, much shorter, and has made me very happy. Secretly, I think my hairdresser probably enjoyed being able to lob off half my hair too - it was a mess :) If you need a hairdresser, and you are in the Guildford area, go to Headmasters, and ask for an appointment with Melissa, I don't think she has ever produced a bad cut in her life, she is awesome!


  1. have you pinched my pencil? i used to have that one. emphasis on the word used lol

  2. lol, the curse of the Paperchase pencil! This one went missing for a while, it turned up in the car! :D