Monday, 6 June 2011

Hello 30s - Day 249 - 253

It is a shorter update this week, I must be keeping on top of things for a change :)

Day 249:Our little pepper plant is still going from strength to strength, and is now smothered in little white flowers. This was the first one that appeared. I'm not very good when it comes to growing plants, but peppers seem to be something I can manage :)

Day 250:
Present for Rach. I can't show you what it is yet, because she won't be getting it for another week or so, even though her birthday was on Saturday. Happy 30th Rach :)

Day 251:
New house high five. On Friday night, boyfriend and I went to visit out friend's, in their new house. We felt very honoured being the first visitors. I was intending just to take a few random photos, and told the boys that there was no need to pose...

Day 252:
I have been putting a few of my illustrations onto Society6, and it occurred to me that I would quite like one of them, as a wallpaper for myself. The little fella hiding in the plants, is one of my zombie illustrations, he is called Matt.

Day 253:
We took a trip to Leith Hill, it was a pretty wet day.

I love Leith Hill, there are lots of hills (obviously), knotted tree roots, and pathways through woodland areas. It is the kind of place that you might expect to see a hobbit :)

It was a very dreary day, so the Foxgloves were looking particularly vivid, against the grey backdrop.

The tower on Leith Hill.


  1. Ooo Lovely photographs and an interesting post!

    Stephie :-)