Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hello 30s - Day 264 - 273

Day 264:Rainbows are exciting. Double rainbows are even more exciting. This is a double rainbow - honest, but you have to look really closely... maybe try squinting your eyes? See!

Day 265:
Boyfriend and I, went to meet family O'Keefe at Bicester village. Boy, was it busy! What were they thinking, by providing lots of small carparks, for you to get confused and lost in. There is no logical way to navigate them, and people are attempting to navigate in different directions. 40 minutes we spent navigating, then we gave up, and parked in the tesco car park. Great to see Rach and family (including new, cute, squidgy baby), I gave her birthday presents, and then I received surprise presents too. These are brownies made by Rach's mum, and they are the best brownies, light, yet still moist, yum. The photo doesn't do the size of each brownie any justice, nor does it illustrate that there is a whole second layer of brownie, beneath this half eaten one. We are talking, loaf of brownie!!! Yum!

Day 266:

Art by Rach. These were also part of my present. I am a very lucky girl, and Rach is super talented. I had mentioned specifically that I wanted orange things, as I am collecting orange and turquoise things for the office/spare room, and she didn't fail me. My plan is the fill the house with original artwork, and part of the plan, well most of that plan, revolves around Rachel. I love the idea of having things on the walls, and dotted around, that my friends have created, it feels really special.

Day 267:I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that I had to paint. I didn't know what to paint. So I just filled pieces of paper with paint. I'm sure they will come in handy at some point, and it was really enjoyable.

Day 268:
My desk. Some painted bits became leaves and petals.

Day 269:
My desk... again. The flowers and petal/leaves, looked like they were lacking something, so I took a black pen to them.

Day 270:
Big fat rain! I love proper rain, not the fine annoying stuff, that is rubbish. It has to be big and fat. I wanted to just go out and dance in the big rain, but knew that wouldn't be particularly productive. I made a compromise, and sat in the patio doorway with my sketchbook. This way, my legs got wet, and I was sort of outside, but my paper stayed dry, yeay!

Day 271:
The windmill from my previous post, almost completed.

Day 272:
Return of the cat! Our friend's cat, Snipes. On being let out for the first time, after a house move, Snipes decided to go missing, for four days. Thankfully he returned, a few pounds lighter, and housing some ticks, but he is all back to normal now :)

Day 273:
Now, as a general rule of thumb I don't like being in photos. I am also someone that likes her personal space. I feel somewhat weird, and stalker - like, asking well known people, that don't know me from Adam, for a photo. However, I am in the middle of a daily photo challenge, and needed a photo, so sucked it up, and just got on with it. We had just seen Mark Watson perform, at a very small venue in Aldershot (the West End Centre), and he was hilarious, and the atmosphere was brilliant. He was there after, to sell and sign copies of his book. He had been so funny, it felt rude not to buy his book, especially as I read a lot, luckily boyfriend agreed, and bought it for me. Yeay for nice boyfriend, and nice comedian man! If you have the opportunity to see Mark Watson, I highly recommend it :)

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