Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hello 30s - Day 239 - 248

Day 239:The secret drawer!!! Boyfriend was finally able to get out in the garden, with the knackered old bureau, to give it a sand, and an oil. We were aware of the secret drawer, when we bought the bureau, it was open, but then we closed it, and couldn't work out how to open it again. We have now discovered the trick, and who doesn't love a secret drawer? It also smells really nice. :)

Day 240:
I felt like writing, so curled up on a chair, and gave it a go. I didn't get that far, but quite enjoyed it. You never know I might pick it up again at some point. Note, I am totally old school, and using pen and paper. I find typing labour intensive, and no fun, how do you scribble without a pen? Where is the fun without scribble? You know I'm right :)

Day 241:
It is true, Surrey is very leafy. Looks quite nice doesn't it. However it is also very busy, and has lots of parked cars, and lots of fast cars. This road may not look very busy here, but it is quite fast. I wasn't intending to walk this way, this is about three quarters of the way down the road. I had intended to cross about a quarter of the way down, but didn't fancy stepping out into speeding traffic, between parked cars, on a lovely sunny day. So my walk was shortened. Surrey is leafy, shame about the traffic.

Day 242:

Unexpected sale, and card for Rach. Rachel turns 30 on Saturday, and I thought I wouldn't be able to put a photo of her card up until later, but the naughty madam has already opened it - which works out just fine for me :) I don't know why I have drawn her an owl, maybe it was a subconscious thing ... she used to be teacher ... Funnily enough, the earrings that sold, also happened to be called Rachel.

Day 243:
Sketching out ideas. It is hard to believe that I received an 'A' in both GCSE and 'A' level Art. My degree led me to scribble down lots of ideas very quickly, the emphasis being on communicating an idea quickly, not creating a work of art. It turns out, that it is a really hard habit to break!

Day 244:
Family Jones came to visit (my sister and her family), and we spent a lovely Friday evening at our local Italian, Bellinis. This was my sister's choice, she was a bit apprehensive about it being fiddly, and hard work, but by the time she had finished, she had started playing with the empty shell, apparently the one eyed, half lobster was watching us, as it danced around on the plate :)

Drinks and desserts were also enjoyed :)

Day 245:
Trip to Chessington, for my niece and nephew's benefit - obviously :) I hadn't been there before, and I think everyone had a really good day. It is a shame that they feel the need to charge for parking, and for optional extras inside the park, such as the extreme games zone (trampolines etc), or inflatable bubble balls on water (£5 for 4 minutes). I think if it was a bit cheaper, it would be acceptable, but it is a bit tricky explaining to a five year old, that he can't go on that thing, that looks really fun, because between him and his sister, that is an extra £10 a pop, it really adds up.

Soggy boyfriend, niece, and sister. I skipped this one, it was a bit grey and blowy to be getting wet.

Boyfriend and I being spun around a lot, fortunately we were just out of range of the water.

Day 246:
Groundskeeper Willie. On the way back from out friend's house, we drove through Pirbright village. They have started advertising their Scarecrow festival, and Groundskeeper Willie is helping them out. I was looking forward to seeing what figure would be standing, on the corner of the green, they had a lot to live up to, last year had been a very impressive Chewbacca.

Day 247:
Horse and cart at Virginia Water, sadly they were only advertising, not actually giving rides - boo!

Day 248:
Raindrops on the patio. I hear better weather is on the way. Although this makes for a quite nice effect on the slabs, I will be glad to see the gloom gone :)

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