Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hello 30s - Day 230 - 238

This week has been a busy one, there has been doctors and dentists, but most of all lots and lots of making, which makes a nice change, oh but there was still plenty of room for cake ;)

Day 230:
Making! Various necklace bits and pieces. Keep your eyes peeled, there are many more bits and pieces to come :)

Day 231:Dear, oh dear, oh dear! I did debate not showing this, but it was the only photo I have from day 231. We don't normally dress like this - honestly! We were off to an 80s fancy dress party, to celebrate Sam's 30th. We had a wonderful time, possibly the best barbeque I have ever been to, I might even have called it a gourmet barbeque :) So here I am with Lyds, ready to set off for the evening, back combed hair and everything :)

Day 232:
Dragon Boat racing in Gloucester. No, not me, boyfriend. He had accidently volunteered to take part, but seems it was for charity, went along to be part of his work's team. He was hitting the drum. They didn't win, but they didn't do too badly, for a team that hadn't been in a dragon boat before, I think 11th out of about 14 is pretty good. :)

Day 233:
Having a walk. I remembered to take my camera along this time, but then I had to try and remember, to keep my eye out for something, to take a picture of, instead of just getting lost in my own thoughts.

Day 234:More necklace components!

Day 235:

Day 236:
More necklace bits and pieces! You see, I told you there were lots of bits and pieces :)

Day 237:
Could this possibly be the most boring photo of the Hello 30s project? Yes I was at the bus stop. I spent a fair bit of time there this week, having had to go to the dentist twice. The bus that takes me home only runs once an hour, so there was lots of hanging around, and checking to see how long the bus was going to be.

Day 238:Lots more earrings! Followed by...

... Cake! What weekend, or blog post, wouldn't be complete without some cupcakes. Boyfriend treated us to some cupcakes, from the new cupcake cafe, that has just opened up on our doorstep (and there was me, considering moving house??!!!). We thought it only polite to check them out. They have some really interesting icing flavours. There was strawberry milkshake, that does indeed taste like milkshake, not just strawberry flavour. Then there was chocolate cake with gingerbread icing, chocolate and caramel icing, and coffee and caramel - yummo!

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