Friday, 25 February 2011

Hello 30s - Day 143 - 153

Day 143:Somebody has a birthday just around the corner, so I have been toy shopping again. I could have sworn these guys were supposed to be woodland animals...

Day 144:
Now don't laugh. This was my first attempt at needle felting. I made some balls. And yes, I also stabbed myself. I had read how much it hurt, and it really really does, more than normal needles, it left a sore spot on the ol' finger.

Day 145:
This is the latest addition for our spare room, well it isn't in there yet, it needs a bit of love first. We won it on ebay, I love it, it is a bit tatty but has loads of character, and a secret drawer...that I have already managed to jam, but that just makes it reeeeaaalllyy secret :)

Day 146:
Cupcake! No I haven't been baking again, mine wouldn't look this good. Boyfriend treated me to some lemon cupcakes, yummy.

Day 147:
To celebrate my friend Lyd's 30th, we went to The Peacock Bar in Clapham, on Saturday, for a cocktail lesson. A lot of fun was had, and we did try to tell her to drink sensibly, but would she listen???

We layered up our own shots - well mine is the one in the middle that didn't layer as well, but it still tasted yummy.

Mai Tai!

Day 148:
I have been spending a little time at my new bureau, doing a bit of doodling.

Day 149:
The new cupboard that I had been painting, is now standing up in the spare room, with door attached. I filled the first shelve up with gift boxes.

Day 150:
Pretty patterns :)

Day 151:
My new old tin that I won on Ebay (...again). I love it. Somebody, somewhere had this tin, I don't know if it was my nan, or a friend, or if there was one somewhere at school, but there is definitely a memory attached to it, and I was determined to make it mine!!!

It is now the home to all my polymer clay tools.

The spare room is still a work in progress, but I am very happy with this tiny corner.

Day 152:
Another item that will be added to the spare room. This orangutan was a present from my friend Liz a few years back. She is a very talented lady. I hope she doesn't mind me changing the frame, it was a black one, but the spare room is going to be white, blue and orange.

Day 153:
A good way to start the day. I awoke in a very good mood, and seems as it was going to be a long day, what with boyfriend going out on a work do, straight from work, I thought I would treat myself to maple smoked bacon, and cinnamon french toast :)

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