Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hello 30s - Day 154 - 164

Day 154:We decided to have a rustic indoor picnic, with torn apart bread, baked Camembert, baked chorizo, and roast garlic, inspired by Joy The Baker. It was soooo yummy, and after eating far too much I had to have a food coma nap :)

Day 155:
More needle felting, and no injuries this time :) In case you can't tell, this is a little mouse .

Day 156:
The bureau we bought is still sitting in the living room, waiting to be treated and taken upstairs, but I wanted to tidy up a bit, and decided to put all my things into it, to see if it would all fit.

Day 157:
Still doodling :)

Day 158:
Another ebay win ( I am wondering is I have an addiction), lovely turquoise pyrex ramekins :)

Day 159:
I fancied baking so made a batch of gingerbread star cookies, then remembered just how darn addictive they are.

Day 160:
In my bid to make boyfriend the coolest web geek in his office, I bought him a Darth Vader mug :)

Day 161:
Boyfriend put up shelves in the outdoor cupboard for me, now it is tidy - kinda...

Day 162:
Lamb and potato pie. More yummy cooking? Well no, it was a failure of epic proportions, and, well, rank. We invested in a take-away.

Day 163:
I have been looking at pretty patterns and things - research you see :)

Day 164:
Not very exciting, but the census arrived. Must remember to fill it in.

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