Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hello 30s - Day 131 - 142

Day 131:So this is where I put Rob when he has been naughty :) Okay, so I sent him up into the attic again, to put even more things away, that we can't dispose off, but that we are happy to forget about???

Day 132:
I have been taking measurements, to try and work out what furniture we can buy, and where everything is going to go. However it was easier to see it, if I made a visual of the book shelf (saved me moving the bookcase around too).

Day 133:
Rob has made me a little shelf for our cupboard. Don't knock it, it took him ages :) I am so pleased though, have you ever noticed that if you don't do something to contain pillows, they will take up whatever space you give them???

Day 134:
Bookshelf and draws have turned out alwhite - haahaha :)

Day 135:
Yum!! Puffins! Well choc chip maple pancake muffins! Easy to bake, squidgy, pop in the mouth loveliness. I found the recipe via Pinterest - which is one of my new favourite online places to go.

Day 136:To myself, and probably you, this is just a bit of Skype message. However, in actual fact it was a momentous occasion! In the space of one day I spoke to both my brother in law, and my sister, on Skype. It was a world first, and a fall of your chair in surprise moment. They pay for broadband, so I am trying to encourage them to use it a bit more, B-I-L is more forthcoming than my sister though, she is going to be a bit more work :)

Day 137:
Yum!!! Yeastless Cinnamon Rolls. Yet another recipe found via Pinterest :)

Day 138:
I found great delight in my different coloured spoons while preparing our curry :)

Day 139:
I spent the evening with my mate Lyd, and we played Dance Central on their new Kinect for about 2 hours, I hurt for the following 2 days :) I am absolutely rubbish at dancing, but it did bring out my competitive side. I could have taken a photo of Lyd in action, but that seemed a bit cruel :)

Day 140:
My absolutely free showcase arrived from Moo. Now I can keep my cards in there, rather than in my wallet, where the corners get bashed. Shame they only do them in black or white though, a teal, or hot pink, or orange, would have been awesome!

Day 141:
My next painting project. This going to be my craft cupboard, and it is going to look awesome!

Day 142:
Valentines Day! Rob and I don't really go mad for Valentine's day, just a card ( I made my own for him this year), and a nice meal, courtesy of the M&S dine in for £20. Far more important to make time for each other, rather than go mad for presents, although I did refuse to help Rob find a pen, to write my card, when he got in from work - Why can't men be just a little bit organised??? :)

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  1. I do that with our loft, can't part with something, but happy to forget it for awhile, it's funny isn't it. The cinnamon rolls look yummy!