Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mice & Bears & A Soggy Cat

Day 264 of the Doodle Olympics - This blog post is running a day late this week as I had a day off yesterday for my birthday :). First up is a soggy cat, he isn't very happy with the current spell of rain.

Day 265 of the Doodle Olympics - More rain... a little more decorative than the real thing. 

Day 266 of the Doodle Olympics - Even more rain. Fred just wanted to get his shopping home, so he could sit down in the warm with a nice mug of coffee - unfortunately Margie wanted to tell him about her week!

Day 267 of the Doodle Olympics - Baby Bear was at the tipping point, almost at the point of no return, and poor Timmy mouse was feeling the pressure!

Day 268 of the Doodle Olympics - All at sea in a bucket!

Day 269 of the Doodle Olympics - Alfie Mouse is getting into the christmas spirit.

Day 270 of the Doodle Olympics - Baby Bear and Timmy Mouse were splashing around in the river.


  1. GREAT stuff Dawn!!!! I think 267, 268, & 270 are my favorites...guess I have a thing for bears & mice!! would love to see some of these as finished art!!!

    1. Thanks Mit! Yes, I plan to develop some of these at a later date, going to get to the end of the year with just the daily doodles, then I'll look back over all of them, and choose which ones to finish - so that'll probably be my challenge for next year :)
      Thanks again :)