Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tall - Illustration Friday

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is 'Tall'. Timmy the mouse sure wishes that he was a bit taller, he really wants that jar of blackcurrant jam. 


  1. This is so cute! That's quite a pantry!!! Love the bold colors & the shading on the shelf beneath....

  2. Love this! Eek, I hope he is careful! Wonderful collection of bright jars and bottles.

    FYI, I had to google your name because the Illustration Friday link did not work. (Seems to be an issue many folks are having recently!)

    1. Thanks Cindy!

      I know, I had to upload my image from my computer because every time I put the blog link and image in, it told me there was a data error :( Such a shame because you lose the interaction with others, and that is the best bit, discovering each other's work!

      Thank you for googling me though, I really appreciate that :)

  3. I think he's going to get it! Fun illustration with bright bold colours. And yeah I used my blog reader to find you.

  4. Thanks Claire :) I appreciate you finding me again too :)