Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rabbits, More Rabbits & A Banker

Day 236 of the Doodle Olympics - I have no idea why I doodled a clown, maybe that is what happens when you watch retro 'Home & Away'.

Day 237 of the Doodle Olympics - I don't always watch TV while I doodle, however, I may have been watching Babe when I decided to draw singing mice.

Day 238 of the Doodle Olympics - I've started to pay attention to nutritional information on packaging and some of it, in terms of being unhealthy, is shocking. I mean just general goods here, we aren't talking obvious things like chocolate and cakes. It also takes a ridiculous amount of time to work out your calorie intake. Although I think we should take responsibility for our own health, I do also have a problem with marketing materials and special offers pushing unnecessary unhealthy products on you once you are in the shop. Also, I'm curious about the addiction of unhealthy, fatty foods. I think my generation are possibly the first to experience complete freedom of convenience foods, and I wonder if this has had an affect on our willpower and the choices we make when eating. Here Mrs. Rabbit is being bamboozled by supermarket manipulation.

Day 239 of the Doodle Olympics - Mrs. Rabbit, having escaped the supermarket without ice cream and crisps, is working in the allotment so that she doesn't have to rely on convenience foods, but she is also having to deal with her demanding job and children.

Day 240 of the Doodle Olympics - In the end, Mrs Rabbit made a carrot pie. Eddie Rabbit can't wait to get stuck in.

Day 241 of the Doodle Olympics - Do bankers own the world? I was listening to something where someone said that banks should have never been free. This made me think. I do believe that if you are using a service, you should pay for it, but how would that work considering we are forced to have accounts. You need an account to get paid by an employer, to pay for bills etc, but what about the people that don't earn very much? What about those that lose their job and have to watch their pennies? £5 for example, may go unnoticed by most people, but to some it is still a crucial amount of money.

Day 242 of the Doodle Olympics - No thoughts or questions for day 242, just a bird bath.

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