Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Invasion Of The Small People

Day 180 of the Doodle Olympics - I have been playing around with kids in costumes... not literally, just drawing, and here is the dog costume. I've been painting the costumes freehand in acrylic, to start trying to get some painting practice in, you can see the result of the dog costume below.

Day 181 of the Doodle Olympics - So we are back with attempting to draw small people, I apologise if this goes on for a while. I plan to work on getting their proportions right, then I might try and get their eyes down, and if that goes well I might even try to make them look like the people they are supposed to look like :/

 Day 182 of the Doodle Olympics - Ooh look there, it is another small person... pointing...

 Day 183 of the Doodle Olympics - Small person with wonky eyes looking at something.

Day 184 of the Doodle Olympics - Small person in nappy (or diaper for any of my American friends). :)

Day 185 of the Doodle Olympics - Small person eating brains... no not really :) That is chocolate from an eclair around his mouth, not brains.

Day 186 of the Doodle Olympics - A quick doodle of something other than a small person, just in case it was getting a bit tedious. I'm a bit frustrated, I know I just need to practice, but it is hard to not to be doing as well as I've done before. I know, practice, practice, practice!

What else has been going on this week... As I mentioned above I've started painting freehand with acrylics. I think sometimes the temptation is to sketch everything first, to get it right before slapping the paint down, well I'm just slapping the paint down, and I'm really enjoying it. These guys below, can for now be found in my Society6 shop as prints, cards and phone skins, and there are a few more to follow!


  1. Oh wow ! i just read in more detail and you did the acrylics free hand !!! i cant even contemplate that - well done you.
    Oh the boy in the rain perfectly sums up the British weather, has it stopped raining at all these past few months ? its a sweet little painting as are the work great in colours..the bunny is sweet too - love to see more !

    1. Thanks Heidi :) I totally recommend painting free hand, it is like it gives you an excuse to mess up and not over think it, you just blame it on the paint. I haven't even got the right brushes for acrylic, I'm just using whatever I have lying around, so i just have to accept that the medium has a life of its own and that things might not turn out as I expect, it's kind of exciting :)

      Thank you for stopping by hon :) x