Friday, 6 July 2012

This Week... Pretty Presents & Chocolate Pancakes

This week... I spent some time with two of my favourite ladies and Gayley gave me my pretty bridesmaid present - super cute right? I spent a lazy Sunday with Fubby, I made us chocolate pancakes because that's just how we roll. I've spent A LOT of time, measuring squares, cutting out squares and folding squares into petals, eventually these will be, yes you guessed it, wedding flowers - folding paper is my whole life right now :) My ginger has suddenly put a spurt on. You may remember I had a bit of ginger in our kitchen that looked like it wanted to grow so I put it in a pot. Nothing happened for ages and I mean ages! I was on the verge of throwing it away as a lost cause, but then found, after rummaging around and prodding the soil a bit, a tiny green point coming through. It stayed the same tiny shoot for about three weeks, I thought it might be done, but then this, alright, it's still only small - but it is kind of huge too. I've also been organising, unfortunately I wasn't organising my own life (if only), I've been organising more titles to be sent out for review for UK Handmade.

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