Friday, 16 September 2011

Hello 30s - Day 303 - 312

Here is the nest installment of the Hello 30s Project - Still playing catch up I'm afraid!!!

Day 303:

It is always exciting to get party invitations. My friend Lyd, managed to make her own while juggling a very busy design office!

Day 304:

I ordered a photo book for my mum's 60th. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I thought it might be nice for her, to also have a dvd version to accompany it, so I had a little play in iMovie.

Day 305:

 Tagliatelle with walnuts, bacon, broccoli and lime juice - yummo!

Day 306:

The decorating continues!

Day 307:

The problem with all the decorating, is that I wasn't able to get on with much work, the only room that was left unaffected by the chaos, was the kitchen. So I baked, and I experimented, here I was adding food colouring to salt, and baking it. I was left with some lovely pastel shades... I'm not sure what they would be useful for yet, but I'm there is something!!

Day 308:

My Mum's photo book arrived. That is my mum when she was a girl (on the right), with her twin sister. The photo book and dvd were well received, I made my mum, my auntie and my sister cry - in a good way... I think :)

Day 309:

Boyfriend and I went along to the Rural Life Centre in Tilford, Farnham, for a Rustic Day. It is a lovely place, and there was plenty to see, and plenty of stalls to look at. Unfortunately, we hadn't realised that it would be £8 each to enter, and what with it being in the middle on nowhere, there was nowhere to find cash, so we couldn't buy ourselves any treats :(

Day 310:

I painted a bus for my dad, it wasn't very good, but it is so hard to find cards with buses on! 

Day 311:

Meh! I don't think I need to explain this one. All you need to know is that, yes it should be simple, yet yes, I did have one little issue, and yes, it led me to being put on hold for 15 minutes, and having to talk to a monotone man, that didn't even answer my questions directly, so I had to ask the same thing several times, just to get him to clarify - I was fuming!!! Still, it is over for another year!

Day 312:
Doodling little ideas!

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