Wednesday, 7 September 2011

dawn bevins design on Envelop

This week (well I started last week) has seen me joining to Envelop. A Belgian site, that lets artists and illustrators, upload images of their work, so that they can be applied to a range of homeware products, and made to order. I am very excited, I can see me ordering a ridiculous amount of aprons and oven mitts! 
I have a few items in my shop now, and hopefully there will be some more soon. It takes a little while, as each file needs to be adapted to each individual product template, and then needs to be uploaded and checked. You can find my shop here :)  dawn's shop on Envelop

Look out next week, as I will be starting to update, the nearly finished, but long absent 'Hello 30s' project! 



  1. I love the mouse. He looks as if he needs some chocolate cake to me!!

  2. Thank you! You are right, he would love chocolate cake... we had a word, and he asked if you could pop some in the post :)