Monday, 21 March 2011

Hello 30s - Day 165 - 176

Day 165:Tweet! Working on some little drawings.

Day 166:
Now it is a fact that Rob and I don't buy little chocolate bunnies for ourselves, ever! We only buy them for little people didn't? ...Yeah we did, and now we need to stock up again :D

Day 167:
After all that bunny eating, I thought I would make an effort and do some dancing, woo exercise! I am not a good dancer, and if you look carefully I am the collapsed red blob to the right of the little figure :)

Day 168:
I wouldn't say this was my most successful attempt at handmade wrapping paper, but Gayle does love stars, so it was all okay.

Day 169:
Spent the evening curled up on the sofa with boyfriend, and he treated us to some Thorntons chocolate dipped caramel flapjacks - yummo! You want some now right? Do it! :)

Day 170:
Lulu bowl and random bead! Oh how I have missed my clay.

Day 171:
Second day playing with clay...some circles.

Day 172:
Third day of playing with clay, and I do love my circles.

Day 173:
I'm sure I am not the only one, that spent quite a lot of time watching the Radio One longest show. I thought it was a great idea, and Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave did brilliantly. I think the longest I have ever stayed awake was 36 hours, and I was like a zombie, so 52 hours was quite astonishing. I know they were allowed to have some sleep, but I'm not sure if they actually took any - there is always that fear isn't there, that you will feel much worse after a little snooze.

Day 174:
Oooh tins, how exciting. 11 tins the be exact, found on Freecycle. I am very pleased with them. I am hoping that next time I feel the urge to have a mammoth bake, my goodies can be kept in a tin, out of sight, rather than on a plate, and that way they might last a little longer :)

Day 175:
Oooh lovely chair...

... I mean lovely steps ... I love our new step-chair! Genius! Collecting it, did mean we spent a very lovely, sunny, Saturday afternoon, stuck in a car trying to get in, and out of Tooting, but we managed not to kill each other, or anyone else, even after the sat-nav took us down many a closed road, and then threatened to run out of battery. We were even in a good enough mood to make a giant, celebratory, gourmet, cauliflower cheese, as a team, on our return, yeay!

Day 176:
It is next door's cat again! Who doesn't love a cat in a box? I love the way they find themselves random places to snooze. On this occasion it was a box full of those air pocket things used for packaging ... they had a little less air in them by the time Ollie left the building though :( :)

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