Monday, 22 November 2010

Hello 30s - Day 44 - 54

This is another huge update!

Day 44:
I had been sorting out the kitchen cupboards, and had found lots of left over bits and pieces, so decided to make some bird cakes. Here they are hardening up in the fridge.

Day 45:
I decided to get a bit experimental with polymer clay, I want to start making some more pendants. This was my first attempt, although the second and third were much better :)

Day 46:
More experimenting with polymer, those sugary colours make it look good enough to eat right?

Day 47:
The first of the christmas presents are wrapped. I was seeing my friend Liz, as she was over from Germany, so I thought I would get myself organised, and have her presents ready so I didn't have to risk losing them in the post :)

Day 48:
Empty bottle... We are trying to save money at the minute, so rather than buying a bottle of wine, we decided to drink what we already had in the house. This was the strawberry vodka we picked up at the food fair in Cockermouth :)

Day 49:
Goodies arrived for me to play with!

Day 50:
I don't actually find myself sanding that often, but when I do, it feels like it is all I ever do. There was the usual sanding of skin from fingers - ouch!

Day 51:
This was me planning my trip into London, I always take my trusty map book with me in case the tube is down and I have to rely on buses or something. As it turned out it was an easy walk and I didn't need it, but I like to be prepared.

Day 52:
There has been lots of amusement this week for myself and Ollie the cat, created from a piece of pink ribbon. There were some better shots, but I felt this really captured the action.

Day 53:
Boyfriend really does make the best venison, bacon, cheese and onion relish burgers! :)

Day 54:
I have started some graphics work for a christmas concert, I am currently trying to work out out to make lengthy carols fit onto one page - eek!


  1. Just use the phrase chorus to shorten the carols only need to write it once then (possibly in bold to highlight it) that will save you some space

  2. love the action shot of ollie! our cats have been particularly excitable recently - think its the weather! and.......... oh boy does that burger look good, nommmm

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    That was my plan too Ruth, until I realised that Once in Royal David's City appears to go on and on without repetition :( At least I should be able to do something with the Holly and the Ivy :)