Monday, 6 September 2010

Birthday Treats!

It is not my birthday just yet, but due to other various commitments over my actual birthday, I spent the weekend seeing my family and friends. Came away with a couple of helium balloons, presents to open on the day, and birthday cake - yum yum!

I spent Saturday evening with a couple of my closest mates, the lovely Gayley had made lots of delicious curry dishes for us to gorge on, she had worked so hard, it was like going to a restaurant! She had also made plates of yummy cupcakes, she really is a talented lady :)

As it will be my 30th, and they wanted to make it special, Gayle, Lyds, and Liz clubbed together to get me a gorgeous Friendship Bracelet from Links. I love it, it is very me, perfect colours and style, I just hope I don't do something dopey like lose it, or get clay in it, I'm not sure I should be trusted with such pretty, lovely, sparkly things - I won't be taking it off though :)

They also bought me a date with them at the Pudding Club in the Cotswolds, I can't wait, I get to gorge on pudding, who could ask for more, it sounds like heaven :) It will be a lovely girly evening :)


  1. Happy birthday!! What a gorgeous bracelet and I'm very jealous of the pudding club date!

  2. Arrh thank you very much Gemma :) Lol, it appears I am making a few people jealous, and a few people are suddenly deciding what they would like to do when they turn 30 :) I'll blog about it afterwards, but I do have to wait until next year! x

  3. That is a lovely bracelet, and the pudding club sounds like something to look forward to!