Monday, 13 September 2010

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Well not quite, but at least the one thing better than sliced bread, your own home baked, unsliced bread. Boyfriend and I spent Saturday evening baking bread (which is more rock 'n' roll than you would think), and then we spent a good part of Sunday eating bread. We decided we would start with simple white loaves and rolls (and some cheesy breadsticks that never got to see Sunday - yum), but next time we are planning on being a little more adventurous...

(Rob's Welsh Rarebit on Sunday)


  1. Wow, all looks totally yummy!! I love making bread, so relaxing. Homemade bread doesn't last long in my house either.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you make.
    Happy baking

  2. likewise, nearly always make my own, so much nicer, but when the family are home it doesn't last long.

  3. ooooo, yum! these look scrummy! espesh the cheesy twisty breadsticks and rarebit! {the others look delish too mind!} ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. Like the look of those super twisty breads...sprinkled with cheese?
    My husband is an obsessive bread maker! I like a chunk of bread with a nice tasty soup (-: