Monday, 18 April 2011

Hello 30s - Day 189 - 203

Day 189:I was left on my own on a Saturday afternoon, what was I to do with myself? Bake cupcakes of course, from my Hummingbird Bakery book. It is the first time I have tried to make them, and they were so good, I didn't bother to ice them, and I honestly didn't believe you could have a cupcake, without some kind of butter icing goodness!

Day 190:
Boyfriend and I took a walk around Virginia Water, it was lovely to see so many things coming into bloom, and starting to flourish :) Can anyone tell me what those big cabbage, lily things are?

Day 191:
Ma and Pa have been in their home for over 30 years, up until I went to uni, it was the only home I had ever known. Now they have sold it, and my mum is following her dream of getting a bungalow, she has never understood the point of stairs, and having to clean them all the time, it just seems like extra work :)

Day 192:
I made fish pie for the first time, thanks to The Hairy Bikers. Mum's everyday fish pie, except we used smoked haddock, added lots of parsley, and put some nutmeg in the potatoes. We also left out the cheese from the mash, in my humble opinion, adding cheese is what supermarket bought, fish pies do, to make up for there not being enough flavour :) It was yummo!

Day 193:
Another Ebay find, I fell in love with this bug pendant, I have a thing about bugs at the minute :)

Day 194:
All being well this will be Ma and Pa's new home. I am every excited for them. It is crazy to think that within the space of 7 days, they put their house on the market, accepted and offer, found a place, and had an offer accepted. I just hope everything now goes to plan - fingers crossed. :)

Day 195:We went to see Boyfriend's folks, for his mum's birthday, so after the previous success, I made more cupcakes, but this time I iced them.

Day 196:
Boyfriend and I also cooked dinner for his mum and dad, 3 courses, as a birthday treat. Dessert was pecan pie, from the Hummingbird book again :) It was the first time we made it, but it was a huge success :)

Day 197:
Happy, happy news! My friend had her first baby, a little boy called Lewis. I am so very pleased for her, and her hubby, they are going to make the most awesome parents :) I made them a card featuring one of my zombie bears :)

Day 198:
Easter eggs! This is boyfriend and I, attempting to make up for eating those Lindt bunnies :) We just need to try not to eat these ones too, before we see the little people :)

Day 199:
Look what postie brought me! Neon pink leg warmers! So far, this is what I have for an 80s themed party, that I have been invited to. I think it is a good start. Technically, they too are from Ebay, my postie doesn't make a habit of randomly giving out leg warmers... although it would be quite cool if he did :)

Day 200:
Boyfriend asked me to make a sketch, of what I would like my web site to look like. I think, I missed the point he was trying to get at, he didn't too impressed by my quick little doodle. After some bickering, and back and forth, I realised he was after style, more than layout - why didn't he say that in the first place? ;)

Day 201:No, I don't have a site yet, this is a mock up in Photoshop. Boyfriend approved, he says that he has something to work with now :)

Day 202:
A bit of a cheat, I didn't take this pic, it came from Rob's parents. It is their new golden retriever puppy, Bess. I am itching to meet her! She is sooo flufffffffyyyyy! :)

Day 203:
Out in the garden. I would like to say we did lots of work, but in truth, boyfriend did pretty much all of it, that is him working in the background. He then fired up the BBQ :) I was inspecting the japanese maple, it has scale bugs again, grrrr.

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  1. The plain cupcakes look yummy, I'm not keen on lots of icing!