Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Home Sweet Home - part 2

Mark and Lydia's House

After the wedding, we returned to our house for one night, and then moved into Mark and Lydia's house for the fortnight they were away, so that our bathroom could be ripped out and refitted. While we were there we looked after their cats Saffie and Snipes. The first week ran smoothly, Snipes spent most of his time outside, while Saffie spent most of her time hidden somewhere sleeping.

Week two was a little more interesting, Sunday I found myself with an eye infection, Tuesday a sore throat, and Wednesday Saffie came sauntering in with a gaping wound next to her tail (I will spare you the picture). I am sure anyone who has ever looked after someone else's pet can appreciate how horrifying this is.

We made an appointment at the vet's for the following morning, in the mean time we kept her in the living room so she couldn't get outside, and I took a sleeping bag to the sofa that night. I was pretty sure she would be okay, but not so sure what she would do to the living room. She decided she would sleep on me and snore.

The vet was lovely, he thinks she must have had a bite, that became infected, turned to an abscess and burst, I can only assume, not having had cats before, that this happens quite quickly, as she had seemed fine. Poor thing had to have antibiotics, antiseptic cleaning solution, painkilling drops, and an e-collar. Now I know it can be a little bit funny having a cat in an e-collar, but I mostly found it heartbreaking to watch her walk backwards, and walk into walls, and then just stop, not knowing what to do. She was pretty miserable.

I mean how do you tell that cute little face that she is getting food all stuck down her e-collar?

The good news is that the vet was very pleased with her, when she went back on Saturday. She still has to take antibiotics and stay in for at least another week, but the collar is off, and she is bouncing off the walls, very much back to her normal self :)

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