Thursday, 17 June 2010

Folksy Friday - Potential

This week I am giving a shout out to the Folksy sellers who sell materials. I sell materials rather than gifts myself at the minute, and I sometimes feel a bit lost on the site, surrounded by all the wonderful gifts and treats, and why not, we all love gifts, treats and pretty things, but more of that next week, this week it is all about some of the folk, who sell products, that have the potential to be pretty things :)

Earth and Fire Beads Incy Wincy Stitches
Alchemy Fibre Arts Midget Gem Beads
the handmade amoeba Love Buttons

As always, images are clickable, and will take you directly to the product. :)


  1. Brilliant folksy friday. Love those blue beads.

  2. hi Dawn, lovely finds! thanks for including my buttons :) have a lovely weekend x

  3. Hello Dawn - what a gorgeous selection of Folksy goodies - and thank you very much for including the ceramic buttons from my shop :D

  4. Oooh...I've got my eye on those beads. Both sets!

  5. What a beautiful selection, I love the colours on the wooltop. Thank you for including my beads. Cecilia X

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone :)
    Cecilia, you posted the comment just fine, thanks for the message :)x