Monday, 22 February 2010

Staying Motivated

Now I did promise myself that I would post on here at least once a week, that way it would ensure that I was getting some work done :) Well that didn't quite go to plan, I am blaming it on the grey drizzle outside goading me into wrapping up in a snug blanket. However it hasn't all been about blanket snuggling, I have also had some solid bead sanding and glossing to do. It isn't my favourite part of the bead making process, one day I will buy myself a tumbler to help me out, until then I will continue to sand each bead by hand - twice. I have managed to get about a hundred finished over three days, and I have managed to pace myself well, so that I don't have pains in my wrist, or stiff fingers (I even managed not to file my nails down for a change).

The result of my endeavors is a small jar filled with shiny lentil beads. I love the colours, I knew I was going to use orange and black, as a request from my brother (he isn't personally into beads himself, but was thinking about a present), and I had decided to throw in some pearl, silver and red, just to break it up a bit, add a bit of interest, and try to bridge the gap between the original two colours. I have to be honest, they wouldn't have been my first choice of colour combinations, but now I am looking at them finished, all shiny and smooth, I can't stop looking at them. I'm not sure what they remind me of, maybe something Egyptian with those strong orange/reds and heavy blacks.

I also finished off some of my orange and black flower beads. I think these are quite effective, the bright orange is definitely eye catching. I do like the fact they are very strong and graphic, but they are so bold, they also scare me a little bit. I am so fond of my complicated, busy patterns, and these are completely the opposite.

Beads aside, I have also been trying to think of ways to use various art pieces and collages I have created as cards. I have now created a small collection. I have seven designs in total, these are just a few of them, please excuse the shiny cello bags reflecting back, it took so long to get the cards in the bags, I'm scared of taking them out again in case they get dirty :) I did finally buy a score board too, it was a plastic one from a seller on ebay. I think it is possibly the smartest purchase I have ever made. Such a simple tool, but has made my life so much easier. I would love to make some more cards, but I will need to get a bit more creative with my ideas, I am slowly running out of materials, but I have promised myself that I won't spend anymore money before I begin selling. It is a good thing really, it will teach me to not only be more creative, but to budget and be more efficient with my materials. Sometimes it is too easy to get excited about a new tool, or something pretty on the internet, you buy it, and then it gathers dust for a year or two before you actually use it.


  1. i think your orange beads are absolutely gorgeous, so eye catching, and for that i have nominated your blog for the sunshine award! you can pass on the award by seeing my blog:

  2. Hi Dawn, thought I'd pop by and check out your blog, love the black and orange beads they are so rich and gorgeous. Love your cards, do you draw the little images yourself? So cute.xx

  3. Hi Dawn, thank you so much! Yes I draw the images, I went for a while without doing much drawing, so I am now trying to get my skills back up, glad you like them :) x

  4. Ooo, those beads are lovely!

    I've nominated you for the the sunshine blog award! Pop over to my blog for the details

    Hope you are having a good day!

    Nat xx

  5. I just copied and saved the pic of the award, (the flower!) and put it on my blog, along with links to 12 other blogs (so you put 12 blogs you like) - and the blogs that nominated me and the award rules :) does that make sense?
    You're not being simple at all! If you don't want to do it dont worry - it did take me ages! :) I know some people find them a bit annoying but I thought it was nice for people to know they are appreciated (in the blog world, lol :) xx