Thursday, 4 February 2010

I Wish, I Wish, I Wish!

When it comes to starting a business, I really am running blind, I feel a bit clueless, and have that nagging feeling that I could be doing things a bit more quickly and efficiently. Until I work out how to sell things and make money, I quite often, inefficiently, look at all the things I would like to treat myself to once the bank balance is going in the right direction.

This is part of my current wishlist on Misi

I love this dainty little necklace "Seen by the Light of the Moon Deer Necklace" from Bonbi Forest. There is something quite magical about it, it is so simple but evokes imagery of Twilight and Harry Potter films (the parts in the woods, not the school or the pointy hats??) It is available at Bonbi Forest on Misi. Further beautiful items can be found at Bonbi Forest Site At present there is also a fantastic giveaway on the Bonbi Forset Blog

This is Fion Archer Mouse and I think he is adorable, he has such character! He is the clever creation of Nat's Nest. Nat makes a range of adorable Mouse and Bunny characters, and more recently a Bandit Fox. Fion and his friends can be found here Nat Nest

Who can resist this little guy? Even more so when you realise that he is called Chocolate Pud. He is one of Little Scruffs bears, I actually have two on my wishlist, but Chocolate Pud just about wins my heart at the minute. Little Scruffs create various minature bears and can be found on Misi here

I love this little guy's hat and shorts! Who doesn't have space in their homes for a little Amigurumi. Sunshine Bear is the creation of Reneegurumi and one day he will be mine!

Finally, once I can actually afford to treat myself, one of the first treats will have to be chocolate, and I have my eye on a variety of truffles from the Chocolate Truffle Co. Yummy!


  1. Thank you for including Fion! (He doesn't like to boast like some of the mice but he is rather proud to be on your blog! ) Love, love love that necklace too - Bonbi Forest are one of my fav sellers too. I was just admiring your rabbit illustrations too - really like them - are you thinking of putting some in your store?!

  2. Oh thank you! I would like to use the rabbits at some point, I'm holding back a little until my boyfriend finishes my web site, then I will hopefully have a shop that runs in conjunction with Misi. I wanted to frame the rabbits and then sell them, but I will probably see if I can do some prints and cards too, need to get some better images, at the minute they are just quick snaps taken on my little camera :)