Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Cup Of Tea & A Catch Up

Whoops! That was a longer break from my blog than I had planned. There I was having a ponder over what content I actually wanted to have on my blog and suddenly it was nearly the end of August. Nothing has actually changed content-wise as yet, and I can't promise to post on a regular basis on what is now the run up to my wedding (exciting), but I'll try! There has been lots going on, mostly wedding things, but I've saved most of that for a wedding related post. There will also be a post about my hen party in Bath, but for now, here are some of the smaller things!
Red shoes! They were on sale and I needed them for my hen party dress. They are wedges and surprisingly comfy. 
We went to stay with our friends, and they cooked us a lovely meal, this was our starter, just look at those yummy colours!
Dave McPherson ran a Pledge project to create a new album (Pledge Music is like Kickstarter but just for musicians) and here it is. Everyone that pledged had their name popped in the booklet (below), see there I am. It's not that exciting I know, *but it is a little exciting for me*
Naughty Fiance brought home doughnuts! 
Card-making (You can see the finished card in a previous post; yes it has been that long since I've posted).
Wine suggestions for our wedding breakfast. Jo and Thierry from Cellar Magneval came around to our house with the suggested wines for us to try. We had a wonderful time and may have been a little tipsy by the end of the evening, which was a bit of a shock seems as the bottles were all still really full. 
We visited my parents in Norfolk for a catch up, and so that we could check out the hotel Rob is staying in for the wedding and see our registrar. While there we took a little walk around Titchwell Marsh. It was great to see the sea. 
I made brownies, they had mayonnaise in them instead of fat. They weren't the best brownies in the world, but they were still brownies! :)
 Spontaneous online shopping, Rob Ryan zine. 
 Wedding invite chopping. 
German chocolate from my English friend, living in Germany, working on an American base. These were delicious, honestly, they lasted minutes.
Never sure what to make of Hershey's chocolate, there is no denying it has a distinctive tang, but here is the thing it also has a higher melting temperature. I like my chocolate solid, from the fridge, and during our hot weather I was getting quite distressed about how quickly my chocolate was softening up, until I had my kisses, perfect for heat waves! 
I've wanted this book since it was published last year. Fubby treated me to a few things from amazon, so I chose this, the alphabet stamps (don't be fooled they are just pretend vintage), a couple more books and the Hot Chick DVD (I don't know why but I can watch it over and over).

We have a new teapot. We decided after having a lovely but rather expensive breakfast in Guildford that we could probably do it just as well at home. Fubby made bread for toast and we bought an infuser teapot so we could have our own loose leaf tea. It is a lovely turquoise/teal colour and I'm a little in love with it. Now I just need to convince the other half to try more tea, other than just breakfast tea.

Finally, it was Fubby's Stag last weekend, so I was staying with my friend. She just happens to live near Stateside Candy so we popped in and picked up some treats. I haven't opened my Lotus biscuit spread yet, but I did try some in the shop and it's amazing. I know once I open the jar it isn't going to last long, so I might try and save it until after the wedding, especially after looking at the calorie content, crikey, but then what was I expecting, after all it does taste that good! Oh Fubby survived. 


  1. What a FUN post!! Way too much to comment on, but I'll do my best....cute shoes! Yummy starter! I don't even know what half of that stuff IS but I want to try everything! Gorgeous beach! Have a Quentin Blake book on MY Amazon wish list! Love the tea pot! Been drinking chamomile every night lately! And I had no idea they still make O'Henry candy bars! (That Megaload looks interesting! Not familiar with those!!) Can't wait for the wedding post!!!!!

  2. Oh man I have such a thing for doughnuts at the moment, I've had to put myself on a ban!! Lovely post, I love seeing what everyone gets up to during the summer :) xx