Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cards I've Made: Jackie, Liz & Archie


There were a bunch of birthdays at the end of April which I decided to make cards for. The first was for my sister's 40th. Then the following two (for my friend Liz, and a little boy called Archie) were my first attempts at painting cats (I prefer mice and bears). I seem to know a lot of cat people, but up until now I haven't gone near any with paint. I think they are going to be something I need to work on a bit more, not as scary as drawing bikes, but I still need more practice. 


  1. Beautiful! All three of them! What kind of paint did you use if I may ask..?

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thank you :) I just used standard pans of watercolour, technically I can't paint with it for toffee, I'm too heavy handed, I much prefer oils, but they are just too messy and smelly for our little house at the minute :)

  2. The cut paper one is AMAZING! And I love the cats - especially their trousers!!!! Great stuff, Dawn!!

  3. I love the paper cut out! The cats are great characters, with their stripey pants.