Friday, 12 April 2013

A Cup Of Tea & A Catch Up

It's nice to have a catch up occasionally, but it does make me realise just how much my life revolves around eating. There are worse things I suppose :) Anyhoo, here is a bit of March, which saw me writing book reviews - as always - going to my niece's birthday party (what you are seeing there is a drunken brother-in-law raiding a fridge, as that is what happens if you drink irresponsibly!), and eating treats from my local coffee shop, The Seasons. I also finally popped an engagement photo in a frame (although it hasn't a real home yet, and is sitting randomly on a windowsill...), then over easter Rob made some pulled pork and bread rolls (delicious), I made some edible but rubbish cakes (note to self, never wing it, always follow the recipe), bought some pretty plates, and we also had french onion soup grilled cheese sandwiches, courtesy of Joy the Baker, scrummy but very, very rich! 

1 comment:

  1. YUM!!! You're making me hungry!
    And I just LOVE the engagement picture!!!