Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Drowning In Paper Flowers!

Not that I'm one for melodrama! If only I was drowning in paper flowers, then I would know that I'd made enough. This week has seen me completing another 101 flowers to add to my collection! 
 I have been folding up paper squares ready to trim into pentagons.
 I have folded up squares into individual petals.
What little brides are made off. I should point out, I'm not little, or trying to be, and this image doesn't show the Green and Blacks, the Fudge, or the Hotel Chocolat chocs that also saw me through the week. :)
 The trimmed pentagons.
 The individual glued petals, in piles of five, ready to be made into flowers! 
 Doesn't look like there is 101 there does it? Well there are, I counted! 
Hobbycraft stash! Some people walk away from Hobbycraft and you know that they are going to embark on a quilling project, or paint a model plane. Not us, we are those people that buy an incoherent selection, you just try and guess what we are making! 


  1. So I have to admit, I was looking at those 1st photos and thinking, "well, those are kind of cool, but I'm not quite seeing flowers..." and then I scrolled down. Ummm....WOW!!!! Simply AMAZING!!!!!

    1. Hahaha, yes it is pretty uninspiring when you only have a pile of paper squares cut out, or a tub of folded - but not glued closed - petals, flowers seem a good way off at that point :/

      Thank you :)