Friday, 7 October 2011

Edinburgh Birthday Weekend & Engagement

Still playing catch up with the blog, the days are just running away. It has been a couple of weeks since Edinburgh, but I thought it would be nice to share some of it with you :)

First stop, when we arrived in Edinburgh Friday afternoon, was Camera Obscura. So much fun! It took a while for Mr.J. to find the magical, childlike wonder in it all - yes we all know tricks with mirrors, yes we get how things work, but we also have imaginations, and are able to believe it is all magic, just for a few hours :) I loved the Vortex Tunnel, did the turning tunnel mess with my head and make me think that I was falling - yes it did, super fun! :)

From the top of Camera Obscura

 Mr. J. Looking a little unimpressed...

Mr. J. getting into the swing of things :)

Singing cats :)

Mr. J. at the top of Arthur's Seat. He was going to propose right there, but there were too many people around - (see person in background). It was buzzing with people climbing everywhere, would have been quite embarrassing :)

Views from the top.

On the way down.

We went back to our hotel so Rob could change shoes, and he gave me this :)

We went out for food and drinks to celebrate.

 On our last full day we wondered around Edinburgh. 

On Calton Hill

Final morning, it is my birthday. We eat scones, and drink, proper, thick hot chocolate, in Princes Street Gardens. We find a load of cool little galleries and shops that we had previously missed, and watch some weaving. 

Birthday treats on my return home. 

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  1. Oh wow!! Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs and if that is what I think it is, many many congratulations :) Thanks too for sharing your thoughts on my crying post, and your experience at work. It can be a difficult can't it, not knowing exactly what to do but am so happy many of us would hold out a hand, and you too were offered one. xxxx