Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Birds and the Beads...and Spiders?

I am currently spending this week getting very excited, as it is this weekend that my friend's hen party finally arrives! :) Other half is being left to do some much needed weeding, while I scoot off to eat, drink and rock! I am spending a lot of time making piles of things I need to remember to take with me - fairy wings anyone??

Other than planning girly escapades, I have also been thinking about starting up another shop, possibly on Folksy. I don't want to start anything until the Hen party is out of the way, but I would really like to get some of my beads out there. With that in mind I have purchased some lovely little organza gift bags from IslePac. I am super pleased with them, I thought they were very reasonable at 19p each, and they arrived the day after I ordered them, I don't think you could ask for much more than that.

I have also had my clay out again, playing with the big block of Premo Sculpey Frost I had hanging around. I had planned to make a cane I had thought up a little while ago, but it ended going in a slightly more organic direction, which I am very happy with, I just know if I had tried to make it, it would have become a very graphic pattern similar to my other beads, but the patterns on these are much looser and less structured.

I have named the beads Daisy, and as always there is a little bird to match.

I love the quality of the Frost clay, it develops little specks and superficial cracks just like frosted glass, which I found particularly effective when blended with some blues, as you can see in the beads below (Cathy). They still all need a good sanding and finishing but I am hoping that they will come up quite glassy.

Thought I would also share a picture of Geoff. It appears he is now sharing the spare room with me, making messy webs everywhere, he isn't particularly chatty but he doesn't interfere or get in the way either, so we are getting on fine. So for those of you not so fond of our 8 legged friends, don't scroll down :)


  1. Popped into see your beads from UK handmade do you ever sell them on their own or do all get turned into jewellery.

  2. Hi Kella,

    I am planning on selling the beads on their own shortly, will probably look into setting up a shop next week. The jewellery making seemed a natural thing to do once I made the beads, but to be honest, it is the bead making I love. I'll post on UK Handmade once I have them on sale.
    Thanks for the interest and comment :)

  3. Thats great to hear, as I hope to use more artbeads made by UK designers.